Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best New Years Eve in Dallas (or Plano)

What are you doing New Years Eve?

There are two kinds of people when it comes to holidays: the Planners and the Procrastinators.

The Planners have been thinking about New Years Eve since the day after Thanksgiving. Doing research to see what parties and menus have been published and talking to their friends about the options. The Procrastinators, well, they will wait till a couple of days before and the holiday - maybe even the day of - to see what all of their friends are doing, pick the function that sounds like the most fun and tag along.

We can accommodate either type of personality:

At Bread Winners, we will offer a special Four-Course Dinner, or you can order off the regular menu. There are no required seating times, but we do strongly encourage you to make a reservation.
(Click on the menu to enlarge it)

And at The Quarter Bar we will be hosting a throw-down like none other!

Join us for
PROM 2010

Included: spiked punch, select domestic beer, champagne toast, any drink made with Tito, Captain and Jameson, light bites and appetizers, DJ, Photographer and best dressed King and Queen.
Best ticket in town for $50!

Pick a decade with some fashion and rock it out. 70's, 80's, ruffle-front tuxedo's or poofy dresses - or wear the most fabulous thing in your closet, but definitely dress to kill.


Come raid Dad's liquor cabinet and steal his TITO, CAPTAIN AND JAMESON all night. Or dig around in the cooler for some LONE STAR BEER or PBR. And don't forget to slip your date some SPIKED PUNCH!

Grab your party gear and get your official Prom photo taken by our photographer in front of the backdrop. And dance the night away to our DJ, taking breaks to snack high-school style on chips, queso, M&Ms and pork tacos (we are adults now aren't we?)

$50 online through facebook
$60 at the door

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